Seasonal Go To Outfit: Fall

I think it is so important to have your one "go to" outfit for each season. Having a "go to" outfit has literally been life changing for me. I can recall times in my early teens when I literally wouldn't go out because I "had nothing to wear". Let's be honest, our closets are packed and if we looked hard enough we can always find something to wear. Still, sometimes, we just want the getting ready process to be mindless. For those kind of days I have my "go to" outfit.

So far this Fall, I've already worn my Fall "go to" outfit a handful of times....
  • To a dress fitting for one of my best friend's wedding... followed by brunch with the girls
  • On vacation with my future in laws to Salem... and it transitioned perfectly from walking around town to dinner
Every time I wear it my fiance compliments me and that alone makes me feel like a million bucks. But it's also super comfortable and versatile which are probably the two most important things to look for when deciding on a seasonal "go to" outfit.

I am not incredibly organized and I don't label my closet (I do try to group outfits together in my closet... but I'll leave those details for another post). So when I say "deciding" on a seasonal "go to" outfit what I should really say is: knowing that at least one outfit works, feels comfortable and can take you where you want to go. I guess in a way the outfit kind of chooses you.

So without further ado here is my Fall "go to" that I just can't get enough of!

The shoes: from Aldo a million years old, I keep my boots in the original boxes, they last forever that way! Here's a comparable pair from Aldo

The pants: from NY&CO, literally the only place that has jeans that fit me right which is the number one reason I don't sell jeans at Shoppe Lula Mae. Jeans are so tricky and if I am not going to wear the clothes than I won't sell them. here's a similar pair from NY&CO

The poncho: from Shoppe Lula Mae... unfortunately it is sold out but here is a different poncho still available at

The shirt: also from Shoppe Lula Mae...

xoxo Erika


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