Sweet 16 Trial

I have been coloring Lexi's hair for over a year now, a beautiful ombre for a beautiful young woman. With her Sweet 16 party coming up early 2016, we set up a trial for her hair and makeup. Lexi is absolutely beautiful with or without makeup on and she has a natural talent for doing her own makeup (which is so impressive to me and it's so much fun to talk about contouring, eyebrows, and mascara with her). I couldn't wait to get a chance to do a trial! This picture was taken on a camera phone, not filtered and zoomed in significantly to NOT show her absolutely stunning Sweet 16 gown. With a beautiful canvas on the outside and such a beautiful young women on the inside, there was no doubt she would look as breathtaking as she did. I can't wait to do her hair and makeup for her Sweet 16 and I am so excited to update my portfolio with those amazing Sweet 16 pictures in 2016!

xoxo Erika


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