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ELF Cosmetics VS MAC Cosmetics | Makeup

Can you tell the difference? xoxo Erika

Thankful For My Clients

I had such a fabulous Thanksgiving week of color and cuts for new and familar clients alike. Made me realize just how much I have to be thankful for! Here's a peek at some of the work I had the pleasure to do, on people I have the pleasure to know! Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life! xoxo Erika Family Haircuts Haircuts for Sisters! And a Dramatic Haircut! xoxo Erika

Hair Color Allergies | PPD Free and All Natural Hair Colors, Can They Cause Allergic Reactions too?

Having an allergy to hair color is not something to take chances on. If you know anyone with an allergy to hair color, you already know exactly what I am talking about.  Here's a little background on my experience with hair color allergies: I graduated beauty school and was working in a salon when I first encountered someone with a hair color allergy. That person is my mom. My mom had been coloring her hair for way longer than I've been on this earth for. She never had an allergy in the past and no one in our family has an allergy to hair color. I colored her hair one night, as I had been doing for years...  She went to work the next day and was in a meeting. She noticed the then CEO looking at her in a weird way. By the end of the meeting the CEO went up to my mom and asked if she was OK. She describes the way she looked after that meeting as "the elephant man". Her face was swollen, her ears had sores and blisters. That night she rushed herself to the emergency