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Full Face Makeup Tutorial OOTD | Get Ready with Me | MAC

xoxo Erika

My Spring Time Face, without Foundation | No Foundation Makeup Tutorial

xoxo Erika It sure doesn't feel like Spring yet but here's a little video on my Spring time face! No, I don't use foundation but here's a list of everything else I use!

JewelScent Body Scrubs | Donations to Autism Speaks

Sorry I am a day late with my video upload! I was going to upload a makeup tutorial today but I didn't want to miss the opportunity for my friends and family to shop for a fantastic cause. My cousin AnnaMarie is a consultant for Jewel Scents and she is currently donating $1 to Autism Speaks (in her son's name), from her PERSONAL commission, for every item she sells. Nicholas, my cousin's son, was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in December 2013. So, here's a little video on my thoughts, my reveal and my treasure from my Jewel Scents purchase! My review is honest and real. I had planned to post this exact video next week, but the donations to Autism Speaks ends this Friday, April 8th 2016! So I wanted to make sure I got this video up before then. If you're new to JewelScent and not sure what to purchase, I HIGHLY recommend the body scrubs. xoxo Erika