Let's Talk BRIDES!

I have been doing weddings since I started in this industry, yes a whopping 12 years ago. I was very fortunate that I had such supportive people around me, that let me do their hair and makeup for their weddings, when I was just starting out. I have come a long way from my MAC days of only using MAC Cosmetics because that's what I was trained in and employed by so I therefore believed it was the end all be all. 12 years of trial and error, trying new things just to keep with the times. New products, new techniques. Yes I know how to contour. Yes I can use airbrush foundation. Yes my airbrush makeup is water based. Yes I can do any kind of eyelash you want. Yes I can do an updo. Yes I can braid hair. Yes I can give you more height. Yes I can give you less height. Yes I can use the wand. Yes I can do your great aunts makeup. Yes I can style extensions.... the answer must always be yes. And if the answer is no, you quickly learn how to make it into a yes, because if you don't do it someone else will.

This post is quickly going in a direction I didn't originally intend but hey, doesn't it always?

In my 12 years of doing hair and makeup for brides, I have worked on MANY. So many that I've forgotten how many. Every time I've worked on a bride I thought she was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. There is a glow that brides have. It shines from the inside and it makes my job so easy.

In May of 2016, I naturally had a wedding to do hair and makeup for. I knew this bride would look fantastic in even a garbage bag but she had some hold ups on how exactly she wanted her hair to be. We had been in touch well over a year before, starting hair and makeup trials very early on in the planning of her wedding. She was one of the most organized brides I had ever worked with. Which only makes sense because she owns Organized Chic!

Makeup was a go from the first trial.... hair was a toss up. Originally she wanted her hair down. Loving the style I did but thinking would it blow all over the place during the outside ceremony, she thought maybe the hair donut would be the best choice. Plus it would best show off the stunning look of her dress. But having her hair all up wasn't how she envisioned walking down the isle. And then just like that, right before her wedding she sent me a picture of the final hairstyle that she was sure she wanted for her wedding. A happy medium between up and down, off away from her face but down in the back, so she would feel like herself on her wedding day. We didn't have a chance to do the trial but she trusted I would make her vision come to life the day of her wedding. I knew I could execute the hairstyle she wanted, I just wasn't sure if this hairstyle was definitely what she had envisioned on herself.

When I got to the hotel the early morning of her wedding, I found out the hairstyle was the first thing she wanted me to do. I was also doing the makeup for her and the 9 other girls in her wedding party. We had discussed adding extensions to her hair to add length and fullness, and so she had picked up a pack we both agreed would be best for this hairstyle on her wedding day... The time had come to execute this bride's dream hairstyle.

I remember being the most nervous I had felt in a long time, I think I was even sweating. It's extremely rare to do a brides hair without first doing a trial on the look.

When I finished the style she looked in the mirror and began to cry. Her vision had finally come to life on the day of her wedding. I remember almost crying as well just seeing how happy she was.

And for that long winded story... Here are the pictures from my friend Janine's wedding. The most exquisite bride I have ever seen.


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