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Manipulating Fabric ep. 2 How To Turn a Bridesmaids / Prom Dress into a ...

The title says it all!! So excited to share ep 2 of Manipulating fabric!! Hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoy my new skirt!! xoxo Erika

From My Heart To Yours

Well this year I didn't do a video on my grown up Christmas list because the only thing I really want, money just can't buy. What I wish for this year is for everything in my life to be as great as it is today. It's so easy to get sucked into the material world around us but this year I realized I already have everything I want. My husband, my pup, our health, our home, my family, my friends, my career & my clients. What in the world could be better? ........ I could never have enough makeup though... .... just saying. What was on your list?? FROM MY HEART TO YOURS HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! our little family in our extension! xoxo Erika

The Black Shoe Struggle

I started writing this post a year ago. Yes a year ago. There is something about the cold that triggers my brain to think "it's so hard to find the right black winter shoes". If you don't know what I am talking about consider yourself lucky. You have found your black shoes that can bring you through the winter. I, on the other hand, struggle year after year. Yes I have black uggs that look like slippers but can I wear them with my fancy red pants? Only if I am ok with looking and feeling silly. So last winter I took to my favorite shoe store, Marshalls and I found a pair of black boots. They aren't my all time favorite shoes but they serve their purpose... comfort, slight style and most importantly protect my ankles from the elements. Every time I put these shoes on I think, do I want to wear these? And immediately follow that thought with the realization that there is no other choice. My struggle with my love/hate relationship with black winter boots has be

Seven Ways To Wear Your Hair When You Have BANGS! Easy Hairstyles

YAY YAY YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Super excited for this video! I know it can be hard figuring out how to wear your bangs when your new to them... hope this video helps someone out there!! xoxo Erika