The Black Shoe Struggle

I started writing this post a year ago. Yes a year ago. There is something about the cold that triggers my brain to think "it's so hard to find the right black winter shoes".

If you don't know what I am talking about consider yourself lucky. You have found your black shoes that can bring you through the winter. I, on the other hand, struggle year after year. Yes I have black uggs that look like slippers but can I wear them with my fancy red pants? Only if I am ok with looking and feeling silly.

So last winter I took to my favorite shoe store, Marshalls and I found a pair of black boots. They aren't my all time favorite shoes but they serve their purpose... comfort, slight style and most importantly protect my ankles from the elements. Every time I put these shoes on I think, do I want to wear these? And immediately follow that thought with the realization that there is no other choice.

My struggle with my love/hate relationship with black winter boots has been just that, a struggle. But I am happy I have a pair that at least serve the purpose I need them to serve. Some day I'd like to think I will find a pair I look forward to wearing but that day is not today.

Cardigan & Pants:
Shoes: Marshalls (1 year old)
Polka Dot Top: Goodwill


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