Healthy Makeup Practices

Aside from knowing when to toss your makeup (that post can be found here). There are some healthy makeup practices that shouldn't be overlooked, especially when sharing your makeup with friends... or if you are an up and coming makeup artist and you aren't in the business of spreading bacteria and grossing clients out.

1. Mascara- Be sure to use disposable wands (can be found in the beauty isle of your local drug store or if you like to shop online click here). Never, never double dip your disposable wands!

2. Liquid eyeliners- Take the wand that comes with the product and put some on a spatula or palette like the one linked here. While working off the the palette or spatula, use a clean eyeliner makeup brush to apply the liquid liner.

3. Eyeliner pencils & lip liners- Sharpen before & after each use.

4. Lipsticks- Dip the tips into rubbing alcohol after each use. Or use a spatula to scrape off the top layer of product then work off of the spatula with a lipstick makeup brush.

5. Cream concealer, blush and shadows- Use a spatula to scrape off the top layer of product then work off of the spatula with your brush of choice.

6. Non cream blushes and shadows- Take a disposable mascara wand and scrape off the top layer after use.

7. Powder products- Work out of the cap... When finished clean the cap with a wipe.

8. Brushes- Wash with shampoo and let air dry over night. Don't have time to thoroughly wash and dry brushes in between each person? Invest in a fast drying brush cleaner for in between use! Or simply put rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle, you can use this with a paper towel to clean each brush after each use. This will kill bacteria, clean your brushes and dries within seconds plus it is very cost effective!

9. Lip Gloss and lip stains: Get disposable lip wands and never double dip your disposable wands! Or you can use a spatula. Scrape enough product off the lip wand on to the spatula, working off of the spatula, use a makeup brush for lipstick to apply to lips. 

Save money where you can so you can invest where you need to!
xo Erika


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