Is it possible that I am still recuperating from the holidays? I didn't even host a holiday, for crying out loud! It has been so hard to get back into the swing of things in 2017. I've been procrastinating every chance I could which is very unlike me. As a matter of fact procrastinators are one of my biggest pet peeves. JUST DO IT! Is all I can think.
I mean, typically, I don't even read instructions, I don't take directions, I just do and think about it later. Maybe not the best way to get through life but it's definitely my course of action.

Well, 2017 has gotten me good. From the outside I'm sure it seems like I haven't missed a beat but on the inside I feel like a sloth.

I need to switch gears...

Starting in 2017 I will change out of my PJS in the morning and not wear them again until night... this isn't a joke. That is my new years resolution. So much of my procrastination comes from wearing pajamas. On days that I work from home I find it so hard to leave my cozy pjs. Even after I shower I choose to put them back on. And I am a firm believer that how you look affects how you feel and vice versa. So there it is, switching gears from PJ's to a wardrobe of a contributing member of society.

My onesie wearing days are behind me! You're welcome America!


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