All About Red Hair Color

Last month I briefly mentioned the maintenance of being an artificial red head.

Since we are full force into the seasons of red heads, I thought I'd talk more about it. For starters, is it possible to make it through Fall & Winter without wishing you had red hair? I know I can't. I absolutely love red hair and secretly wish I were born a red head... well I guess that's not a secret anymore.

I am going to tell you what I tell all my clients interested in becoming a red head, as well as all my clients struggling to maintain their artificial red hair... and also my clients looking to get rid of the red in their brown hair. Red is the hardest color to maintain and the hardest to remove.
Sounds like an oxymoron but I promise it's not.

So here is my advice...
If you're trying to maintain your artificial red hair color you NEED to come in for MONTHLY glosses. Yes I said monthly. A gloss with me will cost $35 and comes with a wash and blow dry (can't beat that!). If you are loyal to the maintenance of your artificial red hair, I promise you won't even notice fading! Besides, root touch ups for single process hair color should be done every 4-6 weeks. Please don't neglect your "new growth" or roots. Trust me, nothing is tackier than washed out red hair with over grown roots. eek! Schedule your monthly maintenance appointment on the same day as your single process (root touch up) and take advantage of the discount I offer on multiple services done in the same appointment. How easy is that? Hey what can I say, I love you, I love your hair and I love what I do.

If you are trying to get rid of the red or "warmth" out of your brown hair, stop the fight. Removing the red or warmth from brown hair will make your hair look drab, dull and muddy. Think wet cigarette ashes, and no one I know what's their hair to look like that!

So there you have it, my advice on taking red hair out of the enemy zone and into the frenemy zone!

I'll end this post with two of my clients that made the switch from blonde to red for fall/winter!
xo Erika


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