Night to Shine Event 2017

I always feel something more is out there. Not that I don't love my career, my business, my husband, my dog and our life but I always feel I could be making a greater difference in the world. Making the world some how better.

I was asked if I wanted to volunteer as a makeup artist for the Night to Shine event in Somerset County, NJ. I jumped at the opportunity to be apart of something so much greater than I've ever been before.
"Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs ages 14 and older. On one night, February 10, 2017, churches from around the world will host Night to Shine for thousands of honored guests!"
Wow what a life changing experience that I am so proud and honored to have been apart of. I volunteered my services as a makeup artist and a hair stylist for an incredible night of smiles, laughter, love and dancing.

The guests arrived with prom dresses and suits. They had the chance to get their shoes shined. They took limo rides, walked the red carpet, got their pictures taken. And had the opportunity to get their hair and makeup done, Then each guest was announced into the party, they ate and dance and at the end of the night, everyone was crowned king and queen of the prom.

My heart was filled with love and my face hurt from smiling all night. One of the guests getting her hair and makeup done in my chair told me it was her birthday and asked me to sing happy birthday with her. At the end we clapped, cheered and smiled from our hearts.

It was such a beautiful experience for not only the guests but also for the volunteers. An experience I won't forget.

Along with memories that will last a lifetime, I also got this awesome shirt I am proud to wear!

Looking forward to next years prom!


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