Real Talk: Hair Color Maintenance

Lets be realistic for a minute. You need to keep up with your hair maintenance because it is SO important!

Not sure what I mean? Let me show you...

6 months ago I did this fabulous, fall ready, copper balayage ombre.
6 months later without any maintenance. No monthly glosses to maintain the color or haircuts to keep the hair healthy... we ended up with the picture on the left:
Over grown roots, washed out color and split ends. Think about all your hair goes through in half a year! 6 months is a LONG time!

She made an appointment because she wanted a chocolate brown color and a trim. After one appointment I got her hair to the picture on the right. ONE appointment, that's it.

I can only do my job if you make an appointment. So don't wait too long in between your hair appointments, there is no reason to. Keep up with your hair maintenance! You deserve it and so does your hair!


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