TRUBEAUTY Lemon Eye Mask

TRUBEAUTY Lemon eye mask

All things it's good for:
"Rejuvenate tired puffy eyes as soothing eye pads infused with natural lemon extracts refresh & renew for an invigorating spa experience at home!

  • Pre-moistened with natural fruit extracts
  • Designed to cool and soothe like real lemon slices
  • Helps reduce swelling, puffiness and the appearance of dark circles
  • Use to relieve eyes after late nights, extended computer use, allergies and more"

How To Use:
For best results, store jar in refrigerator. Close lid tightly after each use.
  1. Remove contacts lenses and makeup
  2. Thoroughly wash face
  3. Close eyes and gently place one pad over each eyelid
  4. Relax for 15 minutes and remove

DO NOT use with contacts lenses. If irritation occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water and discontinue use immediately.

So here's my experience... They feel like eye makeup remover pads or toning pads, they look like lemons. I put the lighter side on my lids ... it didn't specify but since they are sitting in the same jar I'm sure it doesn't matter. Set timer on phone for 16 minutes. Closed jar tightly, so they don't dry out and then I put the last one on my eye. I laid on the couch with my dog...

My mind was racing since I don't do well when I am idol. I was thinking of all the things I need to do and have to do. True to myself once the timer went off all I wanted to do was lay longer. So typical, I can't fall asleep at night but only want to sleep when the alarm goes off. My face felt great. My sinuses were previously bothering me all morning... I couldn't stop sneezing, even in the shower. I can only blame the rain. BUT my sinuses felt great after. The pads leave a sticky feeling on your face so I rinsed my face with warm water and proceeded with my usual morning skin care routine. 

I will be adding this into my weekly routine. It's nice to have an excuse to unwind for 15 minutes and not have to feel guilty about it.

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