One Year Ago Today.

One year ago today I woke up early and went to work like any normal day. Only this day was the Friday before our wedding. When I came home, my mom and one of my best friends Jill helped Joey and I pack our car for our mini vacation in Saratoga Springs. My in laws drove by as they left for Saratoga Springs... shortly after we were on the road to our little happy destination to get married. I remember it all so vividly. I remember the casino in Saratoga Springs was giving away a camping chair... how ironic that the "two kids from camping" (that's Joey & I), were getting married that weekend in Saratoga Springs. We made sure to make a stop at the casino before our rehearsal dinner to get our camping chair!

The rehearsal dinner is kind of a blur but I do remember singing happy birthday to one of my best friend's Julissa... it was her 30th birthday that night, my sister made her a princess jasmine cake (from one of her favorite Disney movies). We gave out our gifts to our wedding party and parents, I remember that. Then it was off to bed... I slept in my room with my mom that night, it was weird not waking up next to Joey. The morning of our wedding I did my hair and makeup while my bridesmaids got their hair and makeup done. I was calm and relaxed and asked my friend Kara to make me "that 2 for 1 drink from chilli's".. A margarita. Super strange request for me, but let's face it, this entire day was out of the ordinary. An embarrassing, not so secret, secret, I completely forgot to shower the morning of the wedding. I was so excited and preoccupied by my bridesmaids and our laughs and stories... I completely forgot. Then I did the old dry shave my armpits in my bathroom and hope they don't bleed. Yup. That's me. Love to share a gross story from the day I looked so classy.

Another gross story in case you were wondering, I could have sworn my "aunt flow" came to town right before the ceremony. She likes to come at the most inopportune times... like anytime I want to wear white pants or go into the pool, on every vacation... the usual. I asked my sister to hold up my dress (yes I was already in white) and asked one of my best friends, Jessica look under my dress to make sure I was okay... "What am I looking for?" She asked.... Still makes me laugh thinking about it. Aunt flow did not make an appearance, thankfully.

It rained that morning... I was supposed to take pictures outside before the ceremony with my bridesmaids but I decided to take them inside the venue. I didn't want to walk down the isle in a wet, muddy dress. Can you blame me? The weather cleared up after the ceremony and the greenery was PERFECT for our pictures. We skipped the modeling shots and standard poses. Though I LOVE how other peoples pictures come out like that, it's just not us. We are constantly laughing, so serious face wouldn't have been a good representation of us on our wedding day.

I didn't think I was nervous until I saw it on my face in the professional pictures. My smile before seeing Joey was so awkward and obviously nervous. My smile after seeing him was my normal smile in life, just brighter and a little bit happier.

We took pictures outside during our cocktail hour, one of the waiters came outside with food for the wedding party... that is customer service at its best! Another one of my best friends, Nicole (I know I have many best friends) took plates of food up from the cocktail hour to the bridal suite for Joey and I to eat.... It's things like that, that you never forget.

Our wedding was an actual dream come true, I was told by some of our guests that "you could feel the love in the air" and that our wedding was "magical". Our life together has also been a dream come true. Not that there aren't bumps in the road, for example, we spent our honeymoon on the phone with our architect and our bank, trying to get a loan for our home extension. BUT we get through it all together. We make the most out of every situation and we never feel sorry for ourselves, because we know we truly are the luckiest dreams who never quit dreaming.

Today we celebrate Nicole and Jason's Wedding which happens to fall on Julissa's 31st birthday this year. So here's to my best friends, for celebrating all of our milestones together through the years.

And here's to my husband, happy one year, I love you, I love our life, I love our Roxy, I love our home, I love our relationship and I love our family.


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