Lifestyle products Foaming Make Up Brush Cleaner Review

As a small business owner I strongly dislike leaving negative reviews about things. I like to support people and businesses that TRY. That's the best we can do right? Well, let me apologize now for my review of the Lifestyle products Foaming Make Up Brush Cleaner, because it's a negative one. 

Avid makeup brush cleaners like myself know what we like and what we do like. We know what we look for in a brush cleaner and what just doesn't make the cut. So let me begin. I purchased this brush cleaner for about $5 at TJ MAXx (honestly not even sure if they are still selling it, lucky for you) $5 certainly isn't a large amount to pay for a brush cleaner that works, but it is a large amount to pay for a brush cleaner that doesn't work. 

Perhaps part of my issue is that I don't like foam products, hand soaps included. I much prefer working up a good lather... that aside, it just doesn't clean the brushes. Here's a breakdown of each brush I used it on and how it worked on a scale from 1-10, 1 being the worst, 10 being the best.

Concealer/Foundation/Eyeliner brushes -1. Yup NEGATIVE ONE! It didn't take the product off the brush AT ALL. I use all cream concealers and foundations so as all MUA & MUE know you need a strong enough product to clean your brush with, that is gentle enough for your sensitive skin clients. This brush cleaner DID NOT remove the concealer or foundation from the brushes. This also cleaner does not remove the eyeliner from the eyeliner brushes. EW can you imagine the germs you are spreading from one eye ball to another. gross.

Powder/Blush/Eyeshadow brushes 4. This one gets a 4 because it removed the actual product but I just don't know how thoroughly it removed the product. I'll give it a 4 because I didn't see any makeup left of the brushes and sometimes ignorance is bliss. 

So there it is, my brutal review on the Lifestyle products Foaming Make Up Brush Cleaner. Hope it helps!


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