Kleancolor Ultimate Gloss Review

 I am right at the boarder of being obsessed with these! Look at that shine! Since these are pretty much at the lowest end of makeup products, when talking about price point, you might be thinking REALLY ERIKA?! I thought you were a professional makeup artist! Well, think what you want but trust me, don't knock em til you've tried them! You can grab these for right around a buck! YES $1! These are great for girls who are scared of lip colors..... because we all know I spent many years outside of the friend zone when it came to lip colors. Today I am someone who tries EVERYTHING! And one of my favorite ways to wear these, aside from alone, is to mix it in with a lip stain to give these a little more lasting power while making the lip stain a little softer, less matte. It works wonders! Still on the fence about lip stains? try these mixed with your favorite lipstick... trust me you won't regret it!

Each swatch is matched next to it's lipgloss tube and name! 


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