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Home Improvements and Fall Fashion

  Where do I begin? If you follow my vlog channel you’ll know that last week I had a mini melt down because of the fence company working on the fence. This was something we have dreamed about for so long but I never expected the fence to interfere with my working for home or even having a day off. Silly me. So now that we have a fenced in our backyard, I am taking full advantage! My fashion pictures will now be taken in front of our privacy fence! I am still working out the details of how this fashion thing will go... where exactly to place my camera and how often I will post outfits but I guess I'll just play it by ear for now. If you've been following this fence story for as long as I've been blabbing about it, be sure to check out tomorrow's vlog to see Roxy fully enjoying her freedom with the newly fenced in yard! After all, that’s why we did it in the first place and we literally couldn’t be happier! To add on to the craziness of the week, we were awoken by


Today I wanted to do a comparison on felt tip liquid eyeliners because a girl knows, they are not all created equally! As a makeup artist and makeup enthusiast, felt eyeliners are a staple in my life, a legit staple. I can't remember the last time I did makeup on a paying client and I didn't use a felt liner to get not only a precision wing but also a wing that wont smudge, budge or wipe off from crying, laughing or dancing!  Today I am taking a closer look at the liners below. NYX, L'Oreal, Covergirl and a differently packaged L'Oreal The swatches below were kept in the same order as they are shown above. There is an extra swatch because the Covergirl felt liner can be used for precision or thickness, depending on your preference. At first glance you might think they are equal but lets take a close look at the side by side below. I'm going to ask the question, can you tell the difference? Even though I already know the answer is yes.

Outfit of the day! Cozy Overalls

The first Saturday of a new month is the perfect excuse to try something new on my blog! I have this dream to become a fashion blogger (among many other things, I'll never stop dreaming)... my problem has been the excuses I have come up with as to why I shouldn't just snap a picture of what I am wearing. I LOVE clothes, I sell clothes and naturally I wear clothes... why am I not just taking a picture of me in my outfits? Up until now I've found every excuse... "It's too cold", "It's too sunny", I'm being lazy, "My Go Pro isn't charged", "We're doing construction", and of course, "I just can't find the time."  I decided I need to just start somewhere because I am tired of convincing myself of all the excuses I can think of on the fly. So here goes. I snapped this picture the last day on vacation with my in laws. We were checking out of the hotel that day and I had just finished packing. I was lookin