Home Improvements and Fall Fashion


Where do I begin? If you follow my vlog channel you’ll know that last week I had a mini melt down because of the fence company working on the fence. This was something we have dreamed about for so long but I never expected the fence to interfere with my working for home or even having a day off. Silly me. So now that we have a fenced in our backyard, I am taking full advantage! My fashion pictures will now be taken in front of our privacy fence! I am still working out the details of how this fashion thing will go... where exactly to place my camera and how often I will post outfits but I guess I'll just play it by ear for now. If you've been following this fence story for as long as I've been blabbing about it, be sure to check out tomorrow's vlog to see Roxy fully enjoying her freedom with the newly fenced in yard! After all, that’s why we did it in the first place and we literally couldn’t be happier!

To add on to the craziness of the week, we were awoken by the smoke alarm on Thursday morning at 6:55am. My husband and I made eye contact and without a word being said between us, we jump out of bed to see what was going on. We are constantly talking about how we would react if there were ever a fire or if we ever needed to evacuate for any reason. It’s funny when you live in a house that is being built from the ground up, you think about everything that could ever go wrong. Like the rain flooding our new basement, pipes bursting in our existing house (still haven’t gotten the ceilings fixed from the water damage, oops). Maybe it’s just us being paranoid dog parents but we literally try to think of everything. So, the smoke alarm was going off in the extension and I immediately grabbed my phone and called my mom, who lives in our upstairs apartment. I asked her what was going on and she said she didn’t know, she checked everything and there was no sign of anything. Our smoke alarms are connected to trigger each other from upstairs to downstairs; in case of a situation like this, everyone living in the house would be notified. Side note: I am super happy to know that smoke alarm connection is working correctly! My husband and I kept our dog in the existing part of the house as we knew it wasn’t coming from there. We searched the extension and I could smell what smelled like burning plastic. As a hair stylist using hot tools- is hot tools now a trademark? I literally mean hair tools that are hot, not the specific Hot Tools brand, anyway, there is my brain again, going off in a million different directions- I use hot tools on the regular and too often I place them down on something plastic, so this smell was very familiar to me. We remembered that we had just turned the heaters on the night before because it was so cold out. Then we noticed the painting tape we left on the heaters from when we last painted. We immediately lowered the heat and removed the painting tape. I could tell from the way the tape came off, that the smoke alarm was triggered by the melting glue. My husband fanned the smoke alarm, opened some windows and voila! Our heaters work and so does our smoke alarm. Crazy story huh?

One day soon I am going to have a fabulous story to share but in the meantime this story summarizes this week, taking the good with the not so good and being thankful we are where we are on this journey! I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to continue with the periodic posts about fashion. It feels equally as good to be able to share this incredible journey with you all.

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