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Do Pictures ALWAYS Tell the Truth?

A picture is worth a thousand words but are the words always all true? Let me start from the beginning, but before that let me say, this post is in no way to be insensitive to real issues that people experience. Rather it is meant to acknowledge that those issues are real whether or not we choose to share them. When Joey and I started dating about 5 years ago, I met Roxy. Roxy was about 5 months old and she quickly became everything I could ever want in a dog. She was cuddly, well trained, she didn't eat cords or wires, she didn't eat food off the table, she didn't bite, she loved her crate and she never had accidents in the house. Well, now that I am testing my memory, I do remember bringing home a bed for her, she peed in it. Then I brought home another bed for her, she peed in that one too. That cycle continued for a while. Then there was that time she ate the wall. When you are so over the moon for someone or something it's easy to forget the bad and coo o

Obsessed? That's me!

I rarely get a chance to see my family, siblings, nieces, nephews, parents etc. work is crazy and my home life is equally as crazy with all the work going on. Having said that, in recent visits all I remember wearing around my family is this shirt. Like, I wear it so much I now associate family visits with this shirt. I almost feel like I am letting the fam down when I'm not wearing it. Please tell me I'm not the only one who get obsessive over everything?! Obsessive personality (check) Super adorable Mickey inspired shirt (check) Speaking of obsessive, a few weeks ago, I was convincing myself that I needed a wig. My reason: because I didn’t feel like doing my hair in my YouTube videos , besides other you tubers are doing it! I searched for inexpensive wigs and found a few for $10-15 bucks. Then I rationalize in my head that I can buy a few cheap wigs for the price of one expensive wig, I’m so economical. I obsessively thought about it for a few days and then one day

Sonoma Naturals Charcoal Face Mask Review

SONOMA NATURALS Charcoal Face Mask Review. I was slightly disappointed right off the bat, I thought this was a peel mask but it’s a rinse off mask. I don’t know about you but I get a strange enjoyment out of peel off masks and popping pimples. It’s gratifying to see actual junk being pulled or pushed out of pores. I know, gross. But I love it. So if you didn’t vomit yet, lets get into this mask. "a clay-based mask used to strip dirt, oil, impurities and toxins away from the skin while unclogging the pores vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free, mineral oil-free"   It’s light grey and was cold and hard to the touch. It warms up and become softer once it's in your hands and becomes very easy to spread. I like that it’s straight forward, no mixing or measurements just wash your face and apply the mask. It says to let it sit for 5-20 minutes. I always go balls to the wall so I did the full 20 minutes. It starts to tighten a bit as it dries which is gratifying in itself.

Monthly Fashion Favorites November 2017

I don't know about you but I barely remember November at all. Where did it go and how are we in December already? Time certainly flew by but I wanted to take a minute to recap some of my fashion faves for the month of November, from what I can remember! If you follow me on instagram you'll know that everything in this picture was gifted to me by loved ones. What is better than your friends and family knowing you well enough to nail their gift giving every time! It never fails, I always receive fabulous gifts! Let's start with my mug ... it is literally the definition of who I am. I think if you google my name a picture of a coffee mug (with a spoon in it) , my husband and animals will show up. More specifically a picture of our dog sleeping in our bed would show up. We are total homebodies because there is no place better than the comfort of home with the ones you love. One of my best friends, Julissa, gave me this mug as a gift, years ago... it is almost always the one

Quality Over Quantity

The way I feel about clothing is the same way I feel about friendships. How each individual views them and what we deem important speaks volumes about who we are. Some of us value quantity over quality while the rest of us value quality over quantity. A few great pieces in my closet and a few great friends in my heart, that's always been at the core of who I am. When you value the few great pieces (and people), put time into preserving them through the years, they will in fact last you, through the years. Quality clothing just like quality friendships, don’t have to be put on display to prove their worth. You don’t have to wear them with every outfit to prove they are yours. Clothing, just like people, need time to breathe but rest assured they will still be there when you need them, whether they were kept in your heart or in your closet. Take for example my best friends. I’ve know them since I am a baby, a preteen and some I met as late as my teenage years. I am 31 years old ju