Quality Over Quantity

The way I feel about clothing is the same way I feel about friendships. How each individual views them and what we deem important speaks volumes about who we are. Some of us value quantity over quality while the rest of us value quality over quantity. A few great pieces in my closet and a few great friends in my heart, that's always been at the core of who I am. When you value the few great pieces (and people), put time into preserving them through the years, they will in fact last you, through the years.
Quality clothing just like quality friendships, don’t have to be put on display to prove their worth. You don’t have to wear them with every outfit to prove they are yours. Clothing, just like people, need time to breathe but rest assured they will still be there when you need them, whether they were kept in your heart or in your closet. Take for example my best friends. I’ve know them since I am a baby, a preteen and some I met as late as my teenage years. I am 31 years old just to put that into perspective. I don’t see them everyday and we don’t occupy every moment of each others lives just to prove our friendship to each other. They are there for the special occasions. But, when I do see them on seemingly normal days, they make the not so special days, special. Much like this coat. I purchase it when I was 17 years old. I don’t have to wear it everyday to know I have it. I wear it on special occasions and on days I want to feel extra special. Since this was an investment when I was 17 years old (and barely making minimum wage), I took good care of it. I never had to go shopping for another because I knew I already had the best one in my closet. It continues to fit my ever changing style through the years because like a best friend, the change and growth never causes a separation, rather it strengthens the bond by giving a greater appreciation. So here's to the two things I hope always fit like a glove: the best coat I own and the best friends I have the privilege of calling my own. 


  • THE COAT: Moda International, purchased from Victoria's Secret about 14 years ago. I don't even think they sell clothes anymore! 
  • The Scarf: Gifted from my mom from her trip to Italy!
  • The Dress: Banana Republic Navy Blue Wrap Dress, thrifted from GoodWill
  • The Shoes: Aldo, also incredibly old...well, ONLY about 8 years old :) Similar at Kohls
You know what my favorite part about these fashion posts are? Well besides getting an outlet to talk about fashion and the random things that come into my head. Oh, and of course the fact that I am using our new fence as the backdrop to my pictures. What I really love even more than all of that is my supportive husband. He is the one who takes these pictures of me. Before we leave to where ever we are going (in this case it was to Thanksgiving Dinner)... he packs the car and waits for me to get situated and then he snaps a bunch of pictures of me. It's awkward not having any idea how I should be posing or what I should be doing, but he understands my awkward nature and he helps in every way he can. My real favorite part: are the selfies we take after the mini fashion shoot is over.


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