ORIGINS Original Skin Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer Review

Let me start this post off by saying I pride myself on being authentic in what I say. When I review or share my opinions on anything, it is straight from my heart. What is the point of putting your name, thoughts, or opinions on something if it isn't authentic? That is something I would never do. It is not who I am and it is certainly not who I want to be. Having said that, remaining completely transparent with everyone, I received the Origins Original Skin, Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer complimentary for testing purposes. That in no way, shape or form has any impact on my opinion. If you are still reading, I appreciate you getting through that disclaimer and still sticking around. Now lets get into the fun part, my actual review and experience

"It's the first of its kind! Made with super innovative cooling technology, this ice-cold mousse primer literally cools and refreshes skin on contact. It delivers hydration, helps control oil and visibly minimize pores. The hint of tint perfects tone and perfectly primes skin for makeup- or leaves you good to glow without!"

 So lets get into the details. I have very dry skin and I am typically NW25-30 in MAC concealers and 25-35 in Maybelline Fit me concealers, just so you know what kind of canvas I am working with. This primer is meant to be used after moisturizing but before makeup application. A few of my first impressions after shaking the can vigorously was that the primer had an orange and alcohol smell, gross. The spray is very inconsistent and resembles a milky chocolate mousse. I was very nervous with how tinted this primer would actually be. I have used tinted products in the past that have made me look like Pee Wee Herman, way lighter than I actually am. I originally was going to review on the fact that there is no tint at all in this primer... then I blew my nose and saw slight color on the tissue. In my opinion, they did a great job with the tint, very tastefully done.

Cooling, not exactly. Ice-cold, exactly. I even tried to keep the can in my hands longer to warm the primer... it didn't help. It is very cold to the touch but I wouldn't consider it "cooling". When I think of cooling I think of chewing a piece of mint gum. When I think of this primer I think of someone throwing cold water on my face to wake me up. Uncomfortably cold, not refreshing or cooling. Very different, I think they missed the mark on that one.

After applying it to my skin I noticed my skin felt extremely smooth. I used the foundation I always use because I wanted to give this primer a fair and honest review. My foundation spread very well, better than it typically does. Within 4 hours my foundation was cracking, looked patchy and was caking around my mouth and under my eyes. Ugh, I did so want to love this primer. This picture was taken right after my makeup application, while I still had high hopes for this Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer.

The following day, I used this primer again. That time I used it without any products on top. I have to say, I was very happy with the results. I had a more even complexion and a soft glow. I prefer this primer as a tinted moisturizer, on top of my traditional moisturizer. I imagine I will reach for this primer on days when I am running out the door and don't have time for a full face of makeup. Having said that, it didn't make the cut as a traditional primer for me. I will not purchase the Origins Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer in the future, but that's just me and everyone's skin is different!

I hope in no way to deter anyone from purchasing or trying out any product they have an interest in or want to try. You should always draw your own conclusion just as I have done. 

As always, you're beautiful, remember that! Until next time work hard, dream big, eat cake.


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