Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre, Marcelle Hydra-C & Juara Candlenut Reviews

Today's blog post is brought to you by various samples of moisturizers that I received. I believe they are all from BirchBox, possibly one could be a Sephora sample with purchase. Anyway since I finished these samples and they are all in the same "family" of products I thought I'd group them in this post.

First up is the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre- moisturizer for all skin types. I can't, for the life of me, pronounce that name. The Pros: I absolutely love the packaging of the sample. It looks like it is a high strength prescription. The application was nice and smooth. This moisturizer boasts that it can be used as a primer and makeup remover. Lets be serious, every moisturizer can be used as a makeup remover. That is a total gimmick. Take your favorite, or any moisturizer that you have, with a cotton ball, towel or even a tissue and you will be able to remove old makeup or new makeup mistakes. Besides the fact that that claim is frustrating to me, the major con is that it didn't moisturize enough for my dry skin. When I put makeup over this "moisturizer/primer/makeup remover" a piece of foundation was clinging to one spot under my eye. Instead of helping the dryness I have, it accentuated it. This has happened before with some other moisturizers I've tried in the past, so I will be adding this one to that list of moisturizers that don't work for me.

Next up on the chopping block is the Marcelle Hydra-C 24H Energizing hydrating gel. Cool concept, I like that it is a gel and not exactly a cream. I also enjoy the slight tingle that the gel leaves my skin feeling. It does not accentuate any dry areas on my face but it does leave my face feeling extra tight. Not in a firming or lifting way but in a, my face still feels really dry, kind of way. Aside from the fact that it makes my face feel dry, my face doesn't LOOK dry, white or flaky, it surprisingly looks healthy and radiant. When I touch my face with my hand, my face feels soft to the touch. Having said that, I would not purchase this simply because I don't like the tightness I feel around my mouth or overall on my face.

Lastly is the Juara Candlenut Body Creme. Aside from my majorly dry skin that I always mention in my reviews, I have this sensory thing where I hate the feeling of being wet. I need to be 100% dry when I come out of the shower, BONE dry or I will be uncomfortable and irritable. Having said that, I never shower without moisturizing before I get dressed. I have to moisturize my entire body, if I don't I will literally get dry patches on my skin. In addition to the unsightly patches, I will also wake up in the middle of the night scratching my legs until I break skin. A problem I typically have is the continued feeling of wetness for too long after I moisturize. The Juara Candlenut body creme is not only a game changer but a life changer for me. I can moisturize immediately after showering with this body creme and not feel wet at all. I feel moisturized but dry, bone dry but hydrated. This is hands down the best body creme I have ever encountered in my 31 years of life. This is a product I will definitely purchase in the future, but first I have to sample and use all my other not so pleasant body moisturizers.

I hope in no way to deter anyone from purchasing or trying out any product they have an interest in or want to try. You should always draw your own conclusion just as I have done.

You're beautiful. Remember that. Until next time, work hard, dream big, eat cake.


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