How To Wear Black Jeans

When it comes to black jeans our options are limitless. Having a pair of black jeans in your wardrobe will prove to be incredibly versatile. Black jeans can not only be used with a wide range of colors, because after all black compliments everything, but they can also be dressed up just as easily as they can be dressed down.

Are black jeans still in style?
Before you start to question if black jeans are still in style, rest assured that the cut and wash of jeans makes just as much of a difference as it does, what you decide to wear them with. Distressed and/or skinny black jeans will provide you with style and versatility in your wardrobe. When it comes to jeans, I recommend trying jeans on with stretch. Traditional structured jeans are great but don't compare to the hip hugging curves and overall fit you'll get from a pair of high waisted, skinny jeans with the littlest bit of stretch. A general rule of thumb for style is when in doubt leave it out. In the case of the black jeans, if you are trying on black jeans and they look a little late 80's, early 90's to you, when that isn't the look you are going for, then those aren't the black jeans for you. Style is about trial and error and figuring out what you are comfortable in. You won't find your personal style in a book. You find your personal style when you try something on and it just feels right.

What color tops go with black jeans?
Lets go over the basics when it comes to color matching. Black jeans can be worn with neutrals like brown, tan, olive green and grey. Black jeans also look great with more bold and vibrant colors, think primary colors, red, yellow and blue. Purple, pink and patterns also all perfectly pair with black jeans. Even a black top with black jeans can make a great statement, very clean and classic, very Audrey Hepburn. Another great option for all black from head to toe is the pairing of bold accessories. Think of an all black canvas as the perfect opportunity to make your favorite statement piece the focal point of your outfit. A statement piece can be anything from a necklace, a pair of shoes, a fitted jacket or that bright and bold handbag you've been waiting to wear since last Spring. In today's post, I am favoring white tops with black jeans because I love the contrast! If you are opting for high contrast against black jeans, make sure the color(s) in your top of choice are crisp and clean.

What color/style shoes go with black jeans?
Just the same as all shirt colors compliment black jeans, so do a wide range of shoes. Literally take your favorite funky colored shoe and wear it with those black jeans, you won't regret it! The only thing that will prohibit you from wearing a certain style of shoe or certain color of shoe, would be the season, occasion and the top you are wearing. Over the knee boots, booties, wedges, pumps, strappy shoes and flats in any color of the rainbow will compliment your black jeans! Just remember to take into consideration the top you are wearing, the occasion you are attending and the season you are in. When deciding on shoes, try to stick with a theme for the outfit you are going for. Dressing up or dressing down? Sexy and sleek or bold and playful? Black jeans can effortlessly be dressed down (example shown in first two pictures) just as effortlessly as they can be dressed up (last two pictures). Change of shoes, top and accessories make all the difference when styling black jeans.
Having said that, don't feel confined or limited by the options I mentioned in this post. There are a million different looks you can go for which is why black jeans are so versatile. Don't be afraid to combine different themes, for example, sexy and playful works just as well as sexy and sleek or bold and playful. Style is meant to be fun! Just remember to always have a purpose in what you decide to wear. How you dress is a representation of you. So decide on purpose what outfit you want to represent you. Dress how YOU feel. Dress the you that you want to show the world.

As always, you're beautiful!
Until next time, work hard, dream big, eat cake.

xoxo Erika

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