Products I Love!

Love comes in so many different forms, and as a former longtime member of the lonely hearts club, spending my days sitting at the love stinks table... I thought today would be a good day to talk about that other kind of love. The kind of love you feel for new products. Products that come into your life out of no where and you wonder what you ever did without them. When it come to favorites, I could write a 10 page novel, or maybe I'll save it for a YouTube video, but today is about the products that I have been obsessed with in recent months. Products that literally changed my life, replaced old favorites and overall changed my outlook and raised the bar for other products.

I am going to start with the Arrow Endure water-resistant mascara that I've been blabbing about since November. But seriously, where has it been all my life? Better yet, how did I ever do my makeup without it? Mascaras that I used to think were great, don't even hold a candle to the volume and length this mascara give me. Since I am on a journey to use the products I already own, it literally pains me when I use a different mascara. Having said that, you more than likely will not see me using a different mascara in a video. I save my other, not to great mascaras, for the days I am going to work or just running out the door. I don't want to waste my sample sized tube of Arrow Endure that I got from birch box for a not so important errand run. Once I go through my other mascaras I will 100% purchase the full size of this wonderful, life changing, bar raising mascara. Until then, I will obsess over the sample.

If you've been following me for a while, you will know my complete and utter dislike for eyebrow pencils. That is until Lord & Berry came into my life, again from a birch box! What used to take me about a half hour to get my eyebrows right, is now done within 10 minutes. I think what makes this brow pencil so amazing is the creaminess and ease of application. Also the fact that it is marbleized with two different hues, one darker, one lighter, which makes it so much easier to "blend" because there are no harsh lines or brush strokes. Since I have the sample, my pencil didn't come with a spoolie. This season I haven't been into the "Ernie" eyebrow look (from Burt & Ernie) so I use my favorite angled brush to feather out any excess and to get a softer natural look on the inner brows. Typically I use brown eye shadow with an angle brush to color in my brows, so I don't imagine I'll run out anytime soon... therefore I won't have a NEED to purchase this pencil anytime soon. Having said that, this sample will hold a special place in my heart for years to come!

The last product I found love in a hopeless place with is R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo. I always tell my clients to use dry shampoo so that they can go longer in between each shampoo. The truth is, I have used a ton of mediocre dry shampoos, but never one that really wowed me. Until I received yet another birch box sample. Let me just state that I am not affiliated with birch box or any of these samples. These are just truly products that I love. This dry shampoo has a strong initial smell but becomes soft and feminine as day goes on. There is no white residue, or any residue at all and you don't have to brush it through. It is borderline goof proof. Even for someone like me that up until now, hadn't figured out how to not have white residue when using a dry shampoo. This is a product I will definitely purchase the full size of, once I go through all my other mediocre dry shampoos, because I have an actual need for it. After all, I wash my hair twice a week, at most. While talking about washing hair, lets just clear the air, taking a shower and washing your hair are very separate things. Please do not think that not shampooing your hair means not showering. You can use a shower cap or simply pin your hair up to avoid getting it wet in the shower.

Happy Valentine's Day!

You're beautiful, remember that. Until next time, work hard, dream big, eat cake.


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