Shopping My Own Donate Pile

For those of you that don't know, my husband had a week long business trip to Germany in the middle of January. During this time my mom and I had planned to spend as much time together as possible. We had dinner plans every night and we even scheduled a day off for both of us to go shopping. We literally haven't done that since probably 2013. I can't even remember the last time I physically went to a clothing store to purchase an article of clothing for myself. Definitely before Joey and I purchased the house in 2016.

So Thursday of that week we went shopping. That upcoming Saturday, my mom and I had one of my best friend's baby shower to go to, she's having a boy by the way. So as soon as I saw these pants at TJ Maxx, I knew I HAD to have them, they are perfect for a baby boy baby shower! I knew what shirt I would wear with them, insert shameless plus here: My cropped, over-sized, turtle neck sweater from Shoppe LulaMae. But I had no idea what shoes to wear. My mom asked "don't you have those really high shoes that would match these pants?" At first I had no idea what shoes she was talking about, insert blank stare here. Then, after staring into nothingness, I remembered going through my shoes a few weeks earlier and deciding to donate them. I couldn't justify keeping shoes I hadn't worn in years. And since they were literally collecting dust, I didn't think they were in good enough condition to sell. I told my mom how they were no longer a light pink and more like a dirty color. Actually the color of  dirt. She assured me I could clean them. "I suggest you take them out of your donate pile." Side note: Have I written a fashion post that I didn't mention my mom in? I don't think so, she is a huge part of my style inspiration and just overall someone who gets me and my style. I went home, found my shoes in my goodwill bag and cleaned them off the best I could. I put the outfit together that I planned to wear and sent this picture to my mom via the bathroom mirror. Which explains the mess. What can I say, my mom nailed it again. I absolutely love the way this came out and I decided to keep another pair of shoes I dug out from my goodwill bag too. For the sake of style or because I'm a hoarder... one may never know.

 These shoes are literally half my age.. I wish... probably more like a quarter my age. I can't find them anywhere. The brand is Bakers and to me they scream Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City. I am so disappointed in myself that I almost donated these. Not to mention, they are a diamond in the rough! I literally can't find "similar" pairs anywhere. So if you plan to pick up the pants and/or top, here are some shoes I found that would compliment this outfit well, here, here, here, and here. Links to the pants and top can be found above! You're beautiful, remember that. Until next time, work hard, dream big, eat cake. 

xoxo Erika


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