Are Magneitic Lashes Safe? Worth it? Hard to Apply?

All the buzz right now are magnetic eyelashes with YouTubers telling you that you NEED them and by the way here is my promo code. Then you never see another tutorial in which those same YouTubers choose magnetic lashes over traditional "falsies", or false eyelashes to the non YouTube community.

It leads me to wonder, if YouTubers didn't have a promo code would they even waste their time making a video with a positive review? Or would they tell you the truth about magnetic lashes? I can't speak for the YouTube community as a whole but I can speak for myself. I am a small YouTuber who has built a channel on my honesty to my subscribers. I am also a certified makeup artist and a makeup lover who has been in the beauty industry for the past 12 years. Having provided you with my personal stats, I am here to tell you that anyone who tells you that magnetic lashes look good or are easier to put on than traditional false lashes is straight up fucking lying.

I put on false lashes for an actual living and I cannot for the life of me figure out what the hype is behind magnetic lashes. I tried to put them on my mother in law and it was almost impossible to make them look good. They latched on at the mid to ends of her lashes making it look terrible and so fake. I could not get them close to the lash line without either the magnetic pull forcing them together at the mid to ends of her lashes or worrying about the magnets pinching eyelid skin. The thought of it makes my stomach turn. These haven't been out long enough to decide if these are "safe" or not but I will say, we're talking about your eyeball here, not your toenail. Always be careful around your eyes and if there is the slightest bit of doubt inside of you, always trust your feelings. Cosmetic side note: The magnetic strip will never follow the curve of the eyelid like a traditional false eyelash would. It's just a disaster from start to finish.

In the most simple way to explain the bogus-ness of these magnetic lashes, besides the fact that no one uses them outside of the promotional/sponsored YouTube videos, is: If you can line up that first magnetic lash, to your upper lash line, then just add eyelash glue and BOOM your done. Why, on earth, do you need to take the extra step of then trying to line up the magnetic lash for the underneath the upper lash line, to hope the magnetic pull doesn't connect the two magnetic lashes prematurely. It literally makes no sense when I put it in writing and it makes even less sense when I am in the act of... Why add an extra, very stressful, precise and intense step? Now think about this: If getting one magnetic side on is hard enough, how about the full strips with two or more magnetic pieces? That's so much more difficult than a traditional false lash that can be manipulated right up until the lash glue dries. How much harder is it to try to fight against a magnetic pull, not just once but up to 4 times on one eye. It's 2018, things should get easier as we advance as a society, not harder.

Putting a traditional false lash on is not as hard as it looks. Practice until you get it right, just as you would a winged eyeliner or your favorite smokey eye. False lashes are not permanent and can definitely be reused for your own personal use or practice! Just remember that traditional false lashes will feel heavy until you adjust to the weight ( about 15 minutes). If they poke or pinch you, they are on wrong, take them off and try again!

Here is an oldie but goodie of $1 store traditional false lashes with glue application, individual vs strip. Find out which one you prefer, but please do the world a favor and don't feed into the hype of magnetic lashes. Your next selfie will thank you.

You're beautiful, remember that. Until next time, work hard, dream big, eat cake.


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