NYDJ Review Not Your Daughter's Jeans

I recently had a huge TJMAXX Haul on my YouTube channel. During that haul, I embarrassingly had no idea what "NYDJ" stood for. Then a kind viewer informed me, "NYDJ" is Not Your Daughter's Jeans. Oops. Where have I been? Certainly not spending $114 on NYDJ!

 The other night I finally got around to wearing them. After a few minutes of wear I thought, I NEED to review these.
I purchased the dark enzyme wash, straight jeans with the "original slimming fit" that boasts, "look a full size smaller" with "lift tuck technology". The pants also have a disclaimer on them, "NYDJ cannot be held responsible for any positive consequence that may arise due to your fabulous appearance when wearing our apparel."

Great, I literally could not wait to fall in love with the look and feel of these jeans. I should have everyone know that when I fall in love with jeans, I fall HARD.
Now lets talk fit.
From the second I put them on they felt a little baggy on the legs. I did not see anywhere on the TJMAXX website that I should be sizing down. I got my true misses size and to be honest, I'm not even sure my hips would fit in a smaller size. My legs started to immediately look like actual elephant legs, baggy and loose all over. In last week's post I mentioned my need for stretch in a pair of jeans, but I think NYDJ over did it with the stretch on these. The look of the pants on a hanger in my closet screamed me. I was prepared to tell everyone how these pants are my go to, my ride or die, my holy grail... at this point I am just using buzzwords from the YouTube community. Unfortunately I was truly uncomfortable in these pants, not because they feel uncomfortable but because I didn't feel like me. I also don't think I looked a size smaller and I don't think it lifted or tucked anything.

I threw on a long sweater to cover my baggy elephant legs and I went out for a nice dinner. Ugh I did so want to LOVE these pants.

I hope to see the day when I fall in love with the fit. In the meantime, I won't give up on $114 pants even though I only paid about $14 dollars for them. I do plan to wash and dry these as many times as it takes for me to feel like my best self in them. In my opinion, feeling like your best self is what style is all about.

You're beautiful, remember that. Until next time, work hard, dream big, eat cake.

xoxo Erika

Jeans: NYDJ
Top: Shoppe Lula Mae
Sweater: Similar
Shoes: Similar


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