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I’ve always wanted to teach cosmetology/ makeup. I love the industry so much that I always come home from work and talk my husbands ear off about formulas and applications. I’m sure he’s tired of hearing about stuff he has no idea about but I can’t help myself. To me, my career is like being in love, I just want to shout it from a roof top. So long story short an opportunity to teach my friend how to do makeup came up and I jumped on it. She reached out to me about going to a makeup school and I thought, I want to teach and you want to learn, let’s make this happen. She was on board making the commute from Long Island to Mahopac, once a week for about a 4-5 hour class. First class was about the fundamentals of makeup. In order to break the rules, first we must know and understand them. The class was mainly a lecture and then I asked her to do a basic makeup application on me. I walked her through the steps and added in a few little critiques but besides that, there was no demo. My goal was to see what kind of artist she would be, shy- timid- embarrassed? She was none of those, she was assertive and excited to learn.
She did my makeup in the first picture, and I was so impressed with her willingness to DO. After her first class I provided her with a 5 page recap that I put my heart and soul into, stressing the importance of doing. Nothing is more important than practicing the correct way to do something. Once you know and understand the fundamentals of makeup then can start to really have fun as an artist. The following class I had her do my makeup the same way as the first class, my goal was to get her into a routine of applying makeup. We learn by doing, then we can perfect the art by doing it again and again and again. The 2nd class I was actually blown away by the improvement she had. She cared to fix imperfections and started to really pay attention to details.

The 2nd class we also had a model (my sister/ her sister in law) and I walked her through how to do a smokey eye. This time I did one side of the model's face, step by step, and had the student do the other side immediately following my demonstration. Her assertiveness and true desire to do and lean really blew me away.  I think it is so important to stress during not only the classes but also the recaps, that makeup is subjective. That is what art is all about. Having said that, I couldn't be happier that I not only get to do what I love but now I can also teach what I love. I can finally talk about my passion, techniques and the reason behind the work with someone who not only wants to listen, but someone who wants to learn and do. I am very much looking forward to teaching future classes!

Interested in taking a class to learn how to do your own personal makeup? Or want to learn how to do makeup professionally? Email me today!


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