What To Wear with a High Low Ball Skirt | How to Wear a Ball Gown Skirt

So you found THE perfect ball gown skirt but you have no idea what in the world to do with it?! You're thinking, how do I wear it and where do I wear it to? You've come to the right place! First lets start with the story behind my high low ball gown skirt, because this wouldn't be a post of mine if there wasn't a story to go with it. My mother in law pointed this skirt out to me, on a clearance rack, while we strolled the streets of Saratoga Springs. She asked me if she should get it for her youngest daughter. I agreed it was really pretty but questioned where would she wear it to? We kept walking and my husband told me that his mom thought I should try it on. I was secretly obsessed with it when she originally showed it to me but I honestly didn't know where I, my sister in law, or anyone would wear it to. Besides I had just convinced my mother in law not to get it for my sister in law, I didn't want to take it from under her nose!
I went back to the clearance rack with my mother in law and saw it was $20, marked down from over $100! I tried it on but it was a size too big, plus it had a few black marks on it. My mother in law mentioned taking it to my seamstress to get it altered and she suggested putting a brooch on the waist band to cover some of the black marks... why didn't I think of that? When we got to the register, my mother in law weaseled another 20% off the sale price because of the markings.

So here I am with my $16 gorgeous, white, CQbyCQ, high low ball skirt which retails for $129. I immediately brought it to my seamstress. Side note: if you don't have a seamstress, please find one, they are life changing!  As I had mentioned in my How To Wear Black Jeans post, I LOVE the contrast of black and white worn together. So, from the beginning I knew exactly HOW I wanted to wear this new favorite skirt of mine... with my favorite black crop top! For those of you wondering, the main reason I knew I wanted to wear a crop top was because I knew I wanted to create a clear distinction between top and bottom. This is a ball gown SKIRT not a ball gown. IF I wanted to wear this in a more formal setting I would opt to wear a fancy, fitted blouse tucked into my skirt to give the appearance of a one piece ball gown. Since I am not that fancy and literally never need a reason to bust out a ball gown, I wanted to keep the distinction clear. This is a top and a skirt, making this a bit more of a wearable outfit, for me personally.

How wearable is a high low ball gown skirt?
Ah yes, now that is the real question. Let's start with when I would NOT wear this skirt, since that is very limited and specific. Due to the color of the skirt I would personally never wear it to a wedding. If this skirt was a color other than white or any variation of white ie- cream, ivory, or a super light color, I would definitely wear it to a wedding. Now let's be serious, weddings aren't the only reason to get dressed up! There are galas and formal charity events that I could definitely see myself wearing this to. I could wear it to a fancy birthday party like a sweet 16 or a surprise 50th! I can wear it to a romantic dinner with my husband to celebrate an anniversary or to enjoy a hallmark holiday. I can wear it on vacation or to stroll the streets of some romantic place in Europe... Just kidding, I'll never go there but you might! In reality, if I ever get invited to a formal or black tie affair I could definitely wear this skirt. And finally, let me be completely frank, I have built a life and have chosen a career that is completely subjective, so in reality I can wear this skirt on a regular Tuesday if I felt so inclined to. Even if you aren't on the same life path as I, or didn't choose the same career path, fashion is always subjective. So have fun and wear what makes you feel like the version of you, that you want to show the world!

I don't know how obvious it is in these pictures but I was SO excited to wear this outfit, on a random Wednesday, that I didn't even do my hair or makeup. I still felt like a princess and this outfit photographed like a dream!
You're beautiful, remember that.
Until next time, work hard, dream big, eat cake.
xoxo Erika

This entire outfit retails for about $200, I purchased it for under $75!

Outfit Details:
Top- Shoppe Lula Mae
Skirt: was there a boom in high low ball skirts? I cannot find one in stock anywhere!
Shoes- Similar


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