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Work Hard Dream Big Eat Cake | Erika with a K

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Best Drugstore Foundations For Dry or Oily Skin

When it comes to drugstore foundations, the world is our oyster. We literally have the pick of the litter, as there are endless options at affordable prices (well, sometimes). What is considered affordable for some, may not be affordable for all. So I decided to make a post that helps out those of us looking for THE one. THE best drugstore foundation for your skin type. This post is for those of us tired of dropping $10 here and $8 there in an effort to find THE best drugstore foundation. Just to be fair, there are some amazing foundations that can be found at lower prices. For example NYX, Wet N Wild, BH Cosmetics, Milani and Revlon have all stepped up their drugstore foundation game, but that's not why you are here. You are here for the best of the best foundation. The foundation that changes the game and makes you wander, down the makeup isle, no more. The foundations that I am about to mention can be found at your local Target, CVS, Walgreen or even Rite Aid for about $10!

Loud Prints, Bold Style.

I went back and forth in my head with what the appropriate title for this post should be. To call it "how to wear polka dot pants" would almost be a rip off to you and to my prized polka dot pants. When it comes to fashion, anything is game. The way I look at it is, there are a million ways to wear polka dot pants, it would be impossible to jam them all into one blog post. Polka dot pants are an actual wardrobe staple. So, as I say in almost every post, I never want to leave anyone limited in outfit choices because of my lack creativity, or because of my personal style choices. Instead I want to inspire you to find out what makes you feel like the best version of yourself and go for it. Don't be confined by anyone else's definition of style. So rather than show you a few ways to wear polka dot pants, I thought I would take this opportunity to explain my choices when it comes to fashion, in general. I am one of those people who feel like the best version of myself in c

The Sleep Styler Hair Curlers Review As Seen on TV

So you watch Shark Tank or you've seen the Sleep Styler Hair Curlers in your local Walmart and you've been debating on whether or not you should try them... They boast: "The As Seen on TV Sleep Styler Hair Curlers for Easy Curls heat-free hair rollers are a comfortable, hands-free hair styling system that dries and styles users' hair as they sleep. The heat-free hair rollers are made from super absorbent yoga towel fabric that dries hair fast, while the marshmallow soft memory foam core ensures a comfortable night's sleep. Available in two sizes, Sleep Styler hair rollers are designed for use with a variety of hair types and lengths. Not only does Sleep Styler save users time during their morning routine, but their hair is softer, shinier and less damaged because of this heat-free styling solution. The ultra-suede texture on the rollers also polishes the hair smooth and helps tame even the frizziest hair.  As Seen on TV Sleep Styler Hair Curlers for Easy Curls: