Loud Prints, Bold Style.

I went back and forth in my head with what the appropriate title for this post should be. To call it "how to wear polka dot pants" would almost be a rip off to you and to my prized polka dot pants. When it comes to fashion, anything is game. The way I look at it is, there are a million ways to wear polka dot pants, it would be impossible to jam them all into one blog post. Polka dot pants are an actual wardrobe staple. So, as I say in almost every post, I never want to leave anyone limited in outfit choices because of my lack creativity, or because of my personal style choices. Instead I want to inspire you to find out what makes you feel like the best version of yourself and go for it. Don't be confined by anyone else's definition of style. So rather than show you a few ways to wear polka dot pants, I thought I would take this opportunity to explain my choices when it comes to fashion, in general. I am one of those people who feel like the best version of myself in clothes that accentuate my figure. I must sound like a broken record if you've been here before. Through my fashion post on Saturdays I realized that I love black tops. This is something I could have assumed about myself but when I see it week after week, it's very black and white, pun intended. I gravitate towards louder bottoms and sleeker tops. Why? If you are someone like me and you too have a larger upper body with smaller legs, you might find yourself drawing more attention to your legs and less attention to your upper body. If you have the opposite body type you might wear sleeker bottoms and louder tops. While I am not disappointed with any part of my body, I like that I look smaller when I draw attention to my legs and allow my upper body to take a back set. So when it comes to something as bold and loud as polka dot pants, that is literally right up my alley. Which is probably why I own more polka dot pants than I do jeans. Again, I in no way want to make someone question their style choices if they choose to accentuate a larger upper body over their smaller legs or vice versa. The sky is the limit and style is about knowing yourself and showing your best self to the world! Have fun with fashion, like I am in the picture below... laughing at a wall because I love polka dot pants so much!

Outfit details:
Top: Shoppe Lula Mae
Pants: Shoppe Lula Mae
Hair Bow: Shoppe Lula Mae
Shoes: Bakers about 10 years old
Sunglasses: Brandless & at least 10 years old

As always, you're beautiful, remember that. Until next time, work hard, dream big, eat cake.


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