The Sleep Styler Hair Curlers Review As Seen on TV

So you watch Shark Tank or you've seen the Sleep Styler Hair Curlers in your local Walmart and you've been debating on whether or not you should try them... They boast:
"The As Seen on TV Sleep Styler Hair Curlers for Easy Curls heat-free hair rollers are a comfortable, hands-free hair styling system that dries and styles users' hair as they sleep. The heat-free hair rollers are made from super absorbent yoga towel fabric that dries hair fast, while the marshmallow soft memory foam core ensures a comfortable night's sleep. Available in two sizes, Sleep Styler hair rollers are designed for use with a variety of hair types and lengths. Not only does Sleep Styler save users time during their morning routine, but their hair is softer, shinier and less damaged because of this heat-free styling solution. The ultra-suede texture on the rollers also polishes the hair smooth and helps tame even the frizziest hair. As Seen on TV Sleep Styler Hair Curlers for Easy Curls: 
  • Dry and style your hair while you sleep and save an hour of styling time!
  • Patented super-absorbent heat-free rollers
  • Microfiber material holds 4-5x its weight in water and dries super fast."

Almost sounds too good to be true, but are they? You can find videos on YouTube that tell you they are amazing and then you can find some that tell you they are awful. So which are the true? The truth is, everyone's hair is different but you know your hair better than anyone. Knowing my hair, I tried the Sleep Styler Hair Curlers and I wasn't surprise that they didn't work at all for me. So I created a general hair rule that might save you the $10-$30 price tag.

After a shower, braid your hair, then sleep on it. When you wake up in the morning which category do you fall into:
Did you wake up with beautiful wavy hair?
Did you wake up with frizzy messy waves?

If you woke up with beautiful wavy hair after you removed your braids, then The Sleep Styler Hair Curlers might be perfect for you! Just remember to use them after your hair is about 80% dry. You don't want your hair to be soaking wet because then they won't work properly.

I am the frizzy messy waves person, so it was no shock to me that I would wake up with frizzy messy curls from the Sleep Styler Hair Curlers. I personally need to apply heat to my hair for it to perform the way I want it to. If that sounds like you, the Sleep Styler Hair Curlers are probably not for you. If you have a sensitive head like I do or have a pet peeve with wet hair like I do, you might not find comfort in the Sleep Stylers Hair Curlers either.

I hope in no way to deter anyone from purchasing or trying out any product you have an interest in or want to try. You should always draw your own conclusion, just as I have done.

You're beautiful, remember that. Until next time, work hard, dream big, eat cake.


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