Had to share my love for my career! On prime day, I went on and stocked up on my FAVORITE eyelashes. Buy 1 (a deluxe 2 pack with the best lash glue ever) get 1 50% off. Umm yes please. I got 40 lashes in total with 20 lash glues for right around $70 including tax & free shipping! Plus I got a cash back percent for shopping through ebates. NBD. 😂 I just checked and they STILL have this deal going on, plus 25% off site wide on orders over $50 (sale ends in a few days)! Awesome bday/ Christmas present for me! Did I just say that? How embarrassing.

Anyone who has ever purchased lashes knows how expensive they are! Especially quality ones that photograph well. Which is why all well seasoned makeup artists charge an additional fee for lashes! These lashes, plus what I already had in stock, might get me through 2018 of weddings. Let’s see if I’ll need to stock up again on Black Friday for 2018 or for the start of 2019!

If you don't use ebates, I need to know what you are actually thinking? You literally get cash back for shopping online. If you only shop for necessities, it's a win/win. You are getting cash back for things you need to buy anyway! Use my code and we'll both get an extra little cash back bonus, on top of the cash back they offer! And trust me, you need the Ardell 120 demi lashes AND the duo lash glue... especially if you are a makeup artist!

Sign up through my link here:

Until next time, work hard, dream big, eat cake.

xoxo Erika


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