Colortrak Professional Reusable Hair Coloring Meche Sheets Review

I received these Colortrak Professional reusable hair coloring meche sheets complimentary with a color order, and I thought I'd give them a go!

They are really easy to use and stay where you put them. A silly mistake a made the first time I used them (as you can see in the video) is that I folded the top down as I would a traditional foil. This is not a necessary step at all! If you don't like the idea of the sheet hanging in your clients face, you can use a different placement technique or if your client has short hair you can cut them in half. I absolutely love how these lift! Excellent for adding some brightness around the face or throughout the hair. Once they have product on them, they stay in place perfectly. It is also so easy to slide them out when you get the the sink... similar to the ease of removing the plastic after balayage. Another pro is that you will undoubtedly save money if you reuse these. I also love that you can pretty much see through them to know which are the lowlights vs the highlights! That can be very helpful!

Now that I went through the pros, here are the cons of the Colortrak Professional Reusable Hair Coloring Meche Sheets:

I wouldn't recommend using them for a full head of highlights since you need to use two for every one foil you would use. You would need a crazy amount handy, especially if your client has thick hair. Also, if you have a busy clientele book with little to no down time in between clients, having to clean AND dry in between in each client could be a nightmare. Especially if you don't have a private sink to wash them in, or a private color room to let them dry. If you have an assistant that does the cleaning of your other color supplies then this would probably not be a problem for you. Your assistant will be able to find the time to clean and dry these sheets way easier than you, a busy colorist/stylist.

I definitely struggle with finding the time and space to clean these in between clients since I don't have an assistant in the salon and I also don't have a private color room or sink. I try to use these sheets only when I know I have the time to clean them.

A good thorough rinse is all you need to clean them, and I would recommend drying each one individually in a towel, one at a time.

Check out the video to see the Colortrak Professional Reusable Hair Coloring Meche Sheets in action!


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