How to Contour Your Nose | Tutorial

Everyone is talking about contours but do we even know what they are used for?

To contour your nose, or any part of your face or body for that matter- it's all about creating shadows to give an illusion that things look a certain way. Whereas a bad contour, or a contour not done correctly, could actuate the things that you are trying to camouflage. If you think you are ready for contouring here is my little video on it! I no longer use these products to contour my nose but the technique is the same! Hope this oldie but goodie helps anyone that has nose issues like I do!

Not sure you are ready for this? Here is a video on how to make your nose look less crooked if you are NOT a contour pro! I hope that at least one of these videos have helped! Practice makes perfect!

Always remember, you are beautiful! Until next time, work hard, dream big, eat cake.


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