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Pro MUA Makeup Artist Tip ALL ABOUT MASCARA | When and How To Apply

Since doing this pro makeup artist video series I thought it would make sense to talk about expiration  and healthy makeup practices . Everything you need to know about when to toss your makeup and how to NOT spread bacteria through makeup, can be found if you click the links. I also added links on the (linked) posts to make it easier to purchase the things you need! Invest in your business and your passion when necessary! Hope you guys enjoy this video! If you haven't already, check out my Pro Makeup Artist tips on Beauty Blenders Foundations and Concealers! Until next time, work hard, dream big, eat cake. xoxo Erika

Etherealist Foundation by Kevyn Aucoin REVIEW

Let's just get really really real with this review. I am borderline tired of always having negative reviews on products that some people think are amazing. I understand that everyone's skin is different because it's literally my job as a makeup artist to understand that everyone's skin is different- but here's the story anyway. I picked up a few of the Etherealist Foundations by Kevyn Aucoin because they were on sale at TJ Maxx and I thought SCORE! Getting a $58 foundation for almost half the price is truly amazing. I picked up every shade that I could find. For an original price tag of $58, it had to be good right? So I tested it on myself first, as I always do. If you are a professional makeup artist or an aspiring one, I always recommend trying it on yourself first. This will give you a good understanding of the best way to apply and use a product. You know your skin and yourself better than you know the skin of someone you just met. To give you an understandi


Let's just be honest for a second, will the real Dermacol please stand up? Is this a fake Dermacol? Is this a dupe? I literally do not know at this point. As mentioned in this video I originally thought the hype was about Dermablend . Dermablend is what I use professionally as a tattoo cover up for my brides and really anyone that wants to cover a tattoo for a special occasion (click the link for the video on that review). As I scrolled through YouTube I thought wait.. is my Dermacol the real Dermacol? One thing I know for sure, there are a few "derma" things floating around the internet! So much Derma not enough col. Okay, now I'm just being silly. Regardless, I have a review on what I assume is a dupe or a "fake" Dermacol because it was originally purchased for LIKE .99 cents on Amazon or maybe a Facebook ad?! I don't know, I wasn't there- my mom made the purchase. Just a heads up on the canvas I am working with. I have very dry skin. If I don&

Razor Cutting: How To Add Movement in a Short Haircut without Layers Tut...

If you have short hair and want some movement but you aren't ready to commit to layers, there is still an option for you! In this video I show you how to get movement in your hair without traditional layers being cut. Hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed creating it! I used the Sam Villa Razor to create the desired movement. Thank you for watching! Please like and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven't already! Until next time, work hard, dream big, eat cake. xoxo Erika

How To Do a Subtle Fashion Color Custom Creative Purple Hair Color Tutorial

When most of us think fashion colors or creative hair color we think loud and bold  ... but what about those of us that was a softer more subtle fashion color? Here's a quick tutorial on how to get your creative color fix while keeping the hair looking soft and more natural. This video will also show you how to make purple hair color if need it in a pinch! Thank you for watching! Until next time, work hard, dream big, eat cake. xoxo Erika