Let's just be honest for a second, will the real Dermacol please stand up? Is this a fake Dermacol? Is this a dupe? I literally do not know at this point. As mentioned in this video I originally thought the hype was about Dermablend. Dermablend is what I use professionally as a tattoo cover up for my brides and really anyone that wants to cover a tattoo for a special occasion (click the link for the video on that review).

As I scrolled through YouTube I thought wait.. is my Dermacol the real Dermacol? One thing I know for sure, there are a few "derma" things floating around the internet! So much Derma not enough col. Okay, now I'm just being silly. Regardless, I have a review on what I assume is a dupe or a "fake" Dermacol because it was originally purchased for LIKE .99 cents on Amazon or maybe a Facebook ad?! I don't know, I wasn't there- my mom made the purchase.

Just a heads up on the canvas I am working with. I have very dry skin. If I don't location I am DRY! Having said that, if you like how the one in this video performs, you can purchase it on eBay for CHEAP! This one SEEMS to be a dupe or a fake Dermacol because it is sold from China, it is $4. This one SEEMS to be the real Dermacol because it is sold from "Dermacol", it is under $14.

Until next time, work hard, dream big, eat cake.


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