Small Ways to Start on the Journey to Minimalism

If you have been here for a while, you may have remembered back in January 2018 I asked if everyone was ready to come on a minimalism journey with me. Only problem was, I wasn't really ready and honestly home construction has thrown a huge wrench in the works. We have found it so difficult to toss things because we didn't know IF we would want/need them when construction was finished. So I am here now, December 3, 2018 (almost a year later) ready to commit to minimalism in my own life. In this video I give you some very small and simple ways to start on your minimalism journey. These things are not difficult and can be done, whatever your current situation is. We are still until construction in our home but I realized I can still make the best out of what we have now. You can too and that is the key. I hope this video helps anyone who is trying to start on this journey. For those of you who wanted to take that journey with me back in January of 2018, lets take it now!

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Until next time, work hard, dream big, eat cake.

xoxo Erika


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