Zerran RealLisse Introductory Offer!

The road to smooth, frizz free hair has never been safer or easier! Zerran RealLisse is unlike any other smoothing treatment on the market today! Backed by science, this treatment uses only natural, ultra-refined vegan proteins to give you soft, naturally smooth, relaxed hair that acts like it was born smooth! Your hair will take a curl or blow dry to straight in about half the time.
What RealLisse does:
  • Smooths hair, taking the "fight" out of your hair.
  • Tames frizz due to disorganized curl.
  • Significantly reduces styling time.
How RealLisse is made:
  • Backed by Science, botanically based with soothing essential oils
  • 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free
  • Perfume, Paraben and Sulfate Free
RealLisse natural ingredients include but are not limited to:
  • Soy
  • Meadowfoam
  • Palm Oil
What you can expect from RealLisse:
  • Results that last up to 3 months
  • Treatment takes just 90 minutes
  • Safe on all hair types; Not suited for clients who want permanently straight hair
What you NO longer need to accept from a smoothing hair treatment:
  • No harmful fumes
  • No burning eyes or nose.
  • No nausea during procedure. 

Introductory Offer:
$160 for short to long hair | FULL PRICE $200
$240 for extra long/ thick hair | FULL PRICE $300
Introductory offer ends 4/1/2019
Come sit in my chair to feel the difference, see the difference and be the difference! 
Until next time, work hard, dream big, eat cake.xoxo Erika


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