Why I Choose Meche Sheets Over Traditional Foils and Plastic Wrap

I love Meche Sheets. There I said it. I thought I would take a minute to talk about why I am such a huge fan of these sheets. Here is why I choose to use them over foils and plastic wrap for balayage, foiliyage and traditional highlight placement.

Lets start with the PROS of Meche Sheets:

  • They are reusable for HUNDREDS of uses. Saving you SO much money rather than having to purchase endless amounts of one time use foils.
  • Eco Friendly. They are meant to be used over and over and over again making them so much better for the environment than one time use foils that get tossed after each single highlight.
  • They hold the color inside and have water-soluble adhesive seals which makes them stick to the hair, no slipping or drying out.
  • You can see the progress of the hair processing through the strips. No need to open the sheets to see the progress as you would traditional foils... which could lead to product leakage or drying out.
  • Perfectly even lift and finish since there are no folds in these sheets as there could be in traditional foils.
  • Can be cut to size. Working with short hair or a platinum blonde retouch? Cut the sheets to your desired size... still 100% reusable.
  • No more loud crunchy foils.
  • Perfect for balayage, foiliyage and traditional highlight placement. You don't need to purchase foils, plastic, cotton... Just Meche sheets for universal hair color/hair lightening placement regardless of the technique you choose. Plastic wrap is great but it is very difficult to lift your blondes and brunettes out of the super warm tones, when using plastic wrap for balayage. The plastic sticks to everything, including itself which can be very frustrating and time consuming especially if you are a busy stylist working without an assistant. I love having Meche sheets for all techniques and specialty foil work on my menu of services.

If you haven't tried these yet, I recommend trying them a few times on a mannequin; like anything new they take getting used to. Especially when you've been in the industry for as long as I have and are SO used to traditional foils.. but we evolve when we try new ways, ideas and techniques. The only con is that you have to put effort in when cleaning them whereas foils you simply toss and repurchase, but when you are a stylist/small business owner, every dollar counts.

These sheets along with others can be found through my amazon affiliate link. By shopping through my link you will be supporting my efforts. I am not affiliated with Meche sheets and I was not paid for my review, these opinions are my own!

Until next time, work hard, dream big, eat cake

xoxo Erika


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