Do I need a Gloss or a Deep Conditioning Treatment?

I had previously written an entire blog post outlining the differences and similarities between a gloss, glaze and toner, that post can be found here. It wasn't until recently that I realized there is a huge lack of information out there on the differences between a gloss (glaze/toner) and a deep conditioning treatment. So I thought I would take a minutes to explain exactly what a deep conditioning treatment is and why you should make it part of your next hair service.

A deep conditioning treatment is similar to said glosses, glazes and toners in that it provides shine to the hair. However, a deep conditioning treatment is so much more than the surface shine it provides. A deep conditioning treatment can repair, nourish, moisturize and restore your dry, damaged and or brittle hair. Deep conditioning treatments or hair masks as they are also referred to as, will strength the hair, improve elasticity, prevent future breakage and restore moisture back into the hair. With all these amazing benefits mentioned comes that shine, luster and elimination of frizz while bringing back body and bounce to dull, dry and or lifeless hair. Deep conditioning treatments are fantastic for color treated hair, curly hair, frizzy hair, winter hair and summer hair. We're not talking V05 hot oil treatments here, we're talking professional, salon-quality deep conditioning treatment.

If you feel your hair is dry, dull, lifeless, sad, needs help, limp and or if your scalp is dry, itching and flaking... a deep conditioning treatment as an add on service at your next appointment might just be the thing your hair and scalp needs. This service is about 15 minutes and costs about $25 depending on your salon. Well worth the investment to have the hair you want by giving your hair what it needs.

Deep conditioning treatments do not add color or tones to your hair and will not eliminate any unwanted colors from your hair, that is what glosses, glazes and toners are for.

Client, shown above, knew her hair needed something, she wasn't sure if it was a deep conditioning treatment or a gloss needed. We talked through her hair concerns and decided all she needed was a trim and a deep conditioning treatment. LOOK AT THAT SHINE!

Until next time, work hair, dream big, eat cake


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