Fashion colors are all the trend right now, from pastels to vibrant colors, they are everywhere! What Pinterest and Instagram pictures don't tell you is the maintenance that goes into a fashion color. That's why I am here- I tell you guys the real stuff that pretty pictures leave out. In this post I will be walking you through exactly what it is to have a fashion color and what kind of maintenance you can expect. Also, what happens when it starts fading.

  • Step one: Understanding what it take to get your hair to a fashion color.

You are looking at a minimum of 5 hours depending on the following questions:

  1. Has your hair has been previously colored or chemically treated?
  2. Is your hair naturally light?
  3. How long and thick is your hair?
  4. And of course, what is your goal color/style?

Most fashion colors take up to 12 hours to complete. This can be done over two separate appointments or in one very long appointment. If it is done over two or more appointments, please understand that you will more than likely leave the salon unhappy with what can be achieved in one 5 hour appointment. You will not be at your goal color so I recommend dedicating a day to the color transformation so you have leave the salon happy.

Here is a video of me taking box colored black hair and turning it into the to a Kylie Jenner blue ombre.

  • Next is the topic of maintenance, there will be a ton!

Fashion colors begin to fade after a few washes. You are lucky if your color lasts 2-3 weeks. Here are a few options for at home maintenance:



Truly, the best in between maintenance is meeting with your stylist and having him/her maintain your locks for you. You just invested time and money to get your hair here- invest in the maintenance of glosses and retouches to keep up with your fashion color.

  • Now lets talk about pricing...

Just to get your hair to a fashion color would cost $300+ and maintenance will likely be about $80+ a week and this is on the conservative end. This is assuming you want fashion colored highlights only, you have fine hair and your hair hasn't been previously color treated. That is literally the perfect storm and is very unlikely. If you are in the 99% and your hair is long or thick or previously color treated or you want a full head of fashion colors, meaning every single piece of hair is colored, you are looking at upwards of $385+.

  • Great, I still want a fashion color for my hair! What now?
It is important to understand not every stylist knows how to properly achieve a fashion color and not every stylist understands fashion colors. It is a very different service than traditional highlights or balayage. Please choose a stylist that knows what they are doing. The integrity of your hair is MOST important. Hair grows but damaged hair breaks off.

  • I got the fashion hair color but now I'm over it and the maintenance, now what?

Here is a picture of the Kylie Blue ombre completely faded because it was not maintained for a few months. It faded to an unflattering green...

What do you do now? Find a stylist that also knows how to do color corrections and can take that green hair and bring it to your new hair goals! Below is the after picture that I did on the above green hair. OBSESSED!

All in all I hope this blog post has helped shed some light on the realistic version of what fashion colors are all about. If your "regular" stylist does not do fashion colors, that's OK. It doesn't make them any less amazing at your balayage or your #summerhairdontcare #hairgoals. It just means they don't specialize in fashion colors. 

Thank you all for your love and support. Until next time work hard, dream big, eat cake.


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