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Hi Everyone! This video is a day in the life vlog! I am a hair stylist, MUA, small business owner, small youtuber and this is what a day looks like for me. Something I realized after editing this video that I didn't really make clear... There is a brita and dawn dish soap in the bathroom in the first clip of this video.. That is because we currently do not have a kitchen, so the bathroom sink is what we use to do the dishes! Not having a kitchen is also why I had to go into the basement to pack our lunches. This is what life truly is for us and I hope I made it all clear. Also, the mat in the basement is where we work out every morning after our walk/run but this morning we didn't have time because we both had to "go in to the office". Other days we both work from home and so we can work out after our run and be finished by 9am which is when we turn our computers on at home! If you want to see what a day is like at home let me know!! Hope you guys enjoyed! xoxo

xoxo Erika


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