All About Root Sprays/ Root Concealers

These Watercolors Hair Root Spray Concealers are available in platinum, blonde, brown, dark brown and red. They spray on like hairspray and will wash out just as easy the next time you shampoo. Just remember to keep a distance between your roots and the nozzle when spraying and remember- a little goes a long way! They are meant for temporary coverage of grey new growth and to help blend lines of demarcation (harsh new growth lines from single process root colors/regrowth). They can also help give you that extra styling texture and volume you want! Nothing permanent about it, but incredibly reliable!

The Watercolors Hair Root Concealer Sprays are also:
💯 Alcohol free
💯 Cruelty free
💯 Gluten free
💯 Soy free
💯 Sulfate free


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