How To Get A Salon Blowout At Home

The brush you use to blowout your hair is just as important as the products you use. When was the last time you got professional results at home, WITHOUT the use of professional tools and products?

Today I am going to talk about the eco-friendly, lightweight, made from bamboo, round brushes by ECOHAIR. These round brushes create volume at the base of scalp and deliver soft rounded shape and movement. They hydrate the cuticle and add shine, while eliminating frizz and flyaways. The base of these brushes are designed to heat and retain heat longer, being more effective when creating a smooth rounded finish.

This Ceramic Coated Barrel, when used correctly, can mimic the effect of a curling iron. Think body!

The Combo Vent Brush (below) has a blend of ionic and 100% boar bristles giving you the ultimate smooth and shiny finish. These bristles will get better over time... the end result = more polished hair. The length of your hair will determine the diameter of your round brush. The shorter the hair, the smaller the diameter. The smaller the diameter, the more curl.

Pro tips:
Remember the days of sitting in my chair and wondering why I seem to aimlessly blow dry your hair for way too long before I ever pick up a brush? If you're anything like me, this may have sent you into a mini panic attack.. is she going to use a brush? Do I have to tell her I want the kind of blowout you get from a round brush? Haha I laugh now because I'm thriving in quarantine, not having to worry about awkward social situations for the time being.

Anyway, set your mind at ease, the reason I aimlessly blow your hair for what may seem like too long, before ever picking up a brush is because your hair should be about 80-90% dry before you ever put a round brush to it. Just as you can use too much product or wash your hair too much, there IS such thing as OVER blow-drying your hair.

Lastly, always use a heat protectant. Always section your hair, every section should then be broken into smaller manageable sections that fit comfortably around your brush. Don't take too much hair at a time, you won't make progress.


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