The Best Professional Heat Protecting Sprays and Blowout Cremes

Besides professional shampoos, conditioners and root sprays, in an effort to feel your best and have the most healthy hair, do not sleep on the importance of heat protecting sprays and blowout cremes. The following are my 4 absolute best blowout cremes and heat protectants, all are formulated without parabens, sulfates (SLS or SLES), mineral oil and petrolatum. They are all vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and color-safe. Each one brings something unique to the table to suit your individual needs.

R+Co Pinstripe: The universal spray I use on everyone, as soon as you sit in my chair after being in the shampoo bowl. Why? Because it is the best detangling spray in the world. Great for all hair types: fine, heavy, thick or thinning hair, this weightless formula detangles unmanageable hair and moisturizes dry hair. It also neutralizes hard water and adds shine! I would never put a comb to your hair without it.

R+Co High Dive: One of my most recommended cremes for those that favor moisture over hold. Offering deep hydration while doubling as a leave in conditioner, softening the hair as it seals the hair shaft and drowns out frizz. Whether you air dry, defuse or blow-dry your hair, High Dive will protect against external aggressors to prevent damage leaving you with smooth-textured hair that shines.

R+Co Park Avenue: Designed for blow-outs, this vitamin-rich creme conditions the hair while it builds volume for a blowout with body and fullness. It protects against heat while it improves hair strength, elasticity and manageability. Park Avenue restores luster and shine, leaving you with a smooth and sophisticated look. Expect nothing less than perfection, after all, it's named Park Avenue for a reason.

R+Co Jackpot: The newest and most versatile all purpose styling creme. With Jackpot you can create anything from a slicked back look or a bombshell blowout, all while it moisturizes and improves hair’s elasticity. This creme also quenches dry, damaged hair while delivering thermal protection, making the hair stronger, flexible and more resilient. Let your mood decide how you will use Jackpot, as it's good for just about any style.


xoxo Erika


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