The time has come to talk about watercolors base drops! Watercolors Hair base drops add extreme color with it's direct dye technology that will touch up faded or uneven color. You can use it to tone blondes or even create an all new hair color. .
. How to use: after shampooing your hair, put some of your daily conditioner into the palm of your hand. Add 1-3 drops of the base drops to your conditioner to deposit a pastel color or 4-10 drops to create maximum intensity. Mix well before applying to hair and work through evenly. These drops can also be added to styling cremes or gels for even more contained concentration. Or you can do what I did and apply them directly to your hair! For best results allow the product to sit on hair for 3 minutes or more but wash hands immediately after application, these drops will stain your hands! The best results will show on pre-lightened hair. .
Of course these base drops are cruelty free, alcohol free, gluten free, soy free and sulfate free. .
Here is a full detailed YouTube video of this hair before and after plus my review and usage of these base drops:


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