Top 7 Products A Bridal Hair Stylist NEEDS To Have At All Weddings

As a Bridal Hair Stylist Specialist, let me tell you a little secret: Using quality products is just as important as perfecting your technique. So as a bridal hair stylist specialist, here is my list of the 7 finishing sprays and products I could never go to a wedding without!

  1. Vicious: a seriously strong hold hairspray that provides thermal protection. Once applied you can brush through your hair without cracking or flaking allowing you to style and re-style all night long.
  2. Outer Space: the best in flexible hairsprays. It thickens, provides flexible hold and heat styling protection allowing you the ability to change your style as desired. Reapply with no build up, so feel free to flip, toss, twirl, change or freshen your hair as often as you like.
  3. Foil: the frizz and static control spray. This spray creates long-lasting, flexible control for smooth, shiny results. It gets rid of static, tames flyaway hair and eliminating frizz, while providing thermal protection, shine and smoothness.
  4. Control: a flexible paste that offers a strong hold with a semi-matte finish and a natural feel. Perfect if you want a style that holds tight but never feels stiff or look hard. Great product for short cuts like a pixie or mohawk, etc.
  5. Tinsel: a lightweight oil that provides impossible shine and eliminates frizz. It softens and nourishes the hair, improves manageability, shields from environmental aggressors, provides thermal protection, restores luster and shine while it combats dry, brittle hair. A little goes a lot way! .
  6. Glossifer: a finishing spray that repairs damage and protects from UV while it moisturizes, strengthens and nourishes hair. It detangles, decreases static, seals in moisture and improves shine. The end result, a very glossy shine!
  7. Doo.Over: is a dry powder finishing spray, that allows for natural movement, yet holds everything in just the right place. The end result is a soft, velvety finish.


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