Clothes I've Purchased From Poshmark Vintage | Support Small Business

If you've been here for a while, you know that I love getting my hands on inexpensive clothing. Nothing makes me happier than getting a compliment on an outfit and being able to respond with "Thanks, I got it at Goodwill for $4!"

I also absolutely love shopping on Poshmark- it's like a really diverse, yet specific, Goodwill. I usually browse Poshmark while marking things as my favorites for later. I regularly revisit my favorites, sometimes I'll add them to a bundle, I imagine ways I could wear them. It's a thing... it's my thing. Maybe I should make a video on how I shop on Poshmark! What do you think?

In my personal opinion, the best part about shopping on Poshmark is knowing that I am supporting small business every time I shop through Poshmark. My videos usually share MY Poshmark closet but I am obsessed with everything I purchased, for under $100! Check out my video to have a look at these gems! Let me know your favorite places to shop for clothes!

xo Erika


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